Unleashing Creativity: Exploring the Artistic World of Bobbi Lemanski - Guest Designer Spotlight for June 2023

Animal Crackers Bobbi Lemanski guest designer The Best Dirt Watercoloring

In the world of crafting, there are individuals who possess a remarkable talent for transforming simple materials into stunning works of art. Bobbi, our gifted Guest Designer for June, is one such artist who captivates and inspires with her incredible skills and the exquisite cards she creates.  

Here's a little about Bobbi, in her own words: "My name is Bobbi Lemanski and I am a lover of vivid color and design! I love to create different forms of art including papercraft projects. My favorite greeting card size is 5" X 7" because it gives more room to create. I get the most fun out of finding clever ways to use an d combine products in unexpected ways."

Animal Crackers: Caring Friends

This beautiful watercolor would be a treasure for any new parents. 

The Best Dirt and Arbor Scene Card
This stunning one layer card would be welcomed by any gardening enthusiast. The placement and little added extras make this particularly special. 
The extraordinary Best Dirt and Arbor Scene Building
Taking her cards to the next level is something that we adore about Bobbi! She is incredibly talented with color, light source, and composition. If anyone were to receive this card, would be gifted a little piece of magic. 
Unleashing Creativity
Through her masterful use of color, attention to detail, and personalized designs she turns ordinary cards into extraordinary works of art. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, her projects will undoubtedly ignite your imagination and leave you inspired to embark on your own colorful crafting journey.
The Final Stroke
We hope you've enjoyed Bobbi's journey with us this month. She's dazzled, and inspired us all! 

You can find Bobbi on the following social media platforms

🌟 Website: bobbihartdesign.com

🌟 Instagram: @bobbihartdesign

🌟 Facebook: bobbihartdesign

From all of us here at Picket Fence Studios, thank you for joining us this month as Guest Designer, it's been an absolute pleasure to share your work.  

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