Angel Policy

You may sell stamped and die cut artwork if you adhere to the following criteria:

  • Picket Fence Studios designs may only be used to create original works.  Designs may not be stamped, die cut, etc. for the expressed purpose of being reused by a third party.
  • All stamped art must be individually hand stamped and may not be reproduced or copied using any means other than hand stamping. This includes photocopying, printing, tracing, scanning, etc. This also applies to any die cut images.
  • Artwork for sale must be hand stamped and/or hand die cut by the artist personally. Mass production is not allowed.
  • Quantities of each original work must be limited in scope and must not constitute an ongoing business.
  • Picket Fence Studios Trademarks and Copyrights must be displayed where applicable.
  • Picket Fence Studios assumes no liability from disputes arising from their work.

Picket Fence Studios designs are protected under United States and international copyright laws and treaties. 

Picket Fence Studios images may not be used for logos, trademarks or promotional materials. 

Picket Fence Studios may amend these policies at any time. 

Picket Fence Studios reserves the right to deny the use of products in creations for resale.

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