Instagram Hop with Twinkle Lights & Pear Blossom Press!

Welcome to a special edition on our blog where creativity meets community! We're thrilled to announce a collaboration that's all set to light up your social media feed. Together with Pear Blossom Press, we're bringing you an Insta-Hop that's bound to spark joy and inspiration. It's not just about showcasing projects, it's a celebration of artistic collaboration and the magic that happens when creative minds come together.

Your Sweet Friendship Refreshes my Soul

Evgeniya has crafted an EZ Lights card that's simply captivating! Its charm shines through, even before you discover its illuminating feature—truly a springtime delight!

Activating the Twinkle Light brings the entire scene to life, turning the card into a mesmerizing display.

Design Elements

Pear Blossom Press - Twinkle Light

Happy crafting from all of us at Picket Fence Studios

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