Strelitzia card by Michelle

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Hello! When I'm not making cards, I'm a bona fide science nerd, so this Bird of Paradise (otherwise known as Strelitzia) stamp brings out the botany nerd in me.

This flower is not a flower - it is an inflorescence, which is a bunch of flowers. In this case, the individual flowers bloom one after the other in a series. They are pollinated by birds, who stand on the blue part of the flower, exposing the sticky pollen that coats their feet and that then gets carried to the next inflorescence. 

If you're not bored yet, I made this card by stamping the main image and colouring it with Copic markers. I used a dark blue card base, inked with the Flowers Stencil and white pigment ink.

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  • Lori Spitzer on

    Loved reading this… I am a major flower geek but since I don’t have access to Bird of Paradise (I’m not a florist and I live where there is very definitely a winter season that is cold), I did not know much about this plant. Thanks for two tutorials… the card-making one and the horticulture one.
    Lori S in PA

  • Andre M. on

    Beautiful flower brought to life by your spectacular colouring.

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