Recap of 7 In 7 live with Erica

Hello, helloooooo! 

It’s a very tired, and still covered in Paper Glaze, Erica on the blog today with a recap of yesterday’s 7 In 7 live in the Picket Fence Studio Community group. If you are not a member yet, you can ask to join and then catch the replay.

It should come as no surprise that I went on a steady roll with Paper Glaze, I am probably its no1 fan ever. The stack of ready made backgrounds and panels I have from play sessions confirm this. 

I showed a few of my fave techniques, including Paper Glaze Printing, which is a two-in-one. You start by putting your choices of Paper Glaze over a stencil, then you ‘print’ by putting a sheet of paper/cardstock on top and pressing down firmly. Once you have removed this, you pick up your stencil and ta-da: two fab backgrounds done in one fell swoop. 

These are done with the Reverse Leaf Stencil, and Paper Glaze in Black Pansy, Fern Green, Leaf Green, Lime Zinnia and Jade Vine. Oh, and a bit of Golden Rose! Make sure to use a new mixed media tool for each colour to avoid contamination.

If you are fast, you can even get a third print by pressing your stencil on cardstock! It’s another way to get even more out of your supplies. And we all like that a lot, don’t we? 

Another fun way to use this fab stuff is with the butterfly stencils. Instead of ink blending, use Paper Glaze for insane shimmer and texture! I didn’t finish any cards with these during the live, but that’s ok. Something to finish another day. I smoothed Snowdrop White Paper Glaze down over the Flutter stencil first, and the card stock is black. Then I added Agapantha Purple, Cornflower Blue and Pink Peony for colour. A bit of Golden Rose got added too, because gooooooold. 

To make sure I didn’t waste that excess Paper Glaze, I slapped that Flutter Stencil onto white card stock and printed by pressing it down into the paper. It didn’t make a perfect butterfly imprint, but it can always be trimmed down to be on a background or something. 

If you want to make your own shimmer card stock, grab your fave colour of Paper Glaze and some card stock. Both coloured and white will work, but if you do it on black I’d suggest you start with a bit of Black Pansyz` first. It makes the second colour spread easier and the black makes it pop. It sounds nuts, but it’s true! 

To show you how well it works, and the difference in texture if you add Paper Glaze Enhancer, I did one on black card stock, one on white card stock and the third is done with Paper Glaze Enhancer  on white card stock. It can be so useful to have samples of how they look, especially if you are very visual, like me. I like seeing things in person before I decide what I like, and I like being able to compare stuff side by side. 

So, whilst there isn’t a single finished card in this post, I sure had fun during the live and I hope you get a chance to watch the replay and maybe pick up a thing or two that you didn’t know about Paper Glaze already. 

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time! 


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  • Letitia on

    Your video was amazing! I learned so much from you – especially ways to not waste any product by pressing over it again.

  • Jackie Parkins on

    I enjoyed the video and appreciate you staying up so late for all of us! It’s clear that you love the paper glaze and it shows in your beautiful projects.

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