Personalized Thank You Card with Vibrant Floral Design

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Hello and welcome to my blog post today. I'm Jen, and I'm thrilled to share my cardmaking journey with you all.

Express your gratitude with a personalized touch by creating a vibrant thank you card. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through making a beautiful floral card using Picket Fence Studios Blooming Trumpets set illustrated by Kelly Taylor, Happy Gingham A2 card fronts, Starry Sky gems, and pinking shear die

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Thank You, Love

The Blooming Trumpets stamp set was illustrated by my friend Kelly Taylor, and I made this card with her in mind. Last August, I had a very long hospital stay and an even longer isolation period on my own (around three months in total), and this girl rang me nearly every single day to make sure I was okay. I don't generally share personal feelings, but sometimes you just need to take a moment and appreciate the people in your life. Although I am sitting at my desk crying while typing this, it's more important for me to say, 'thank you, love.' You made an incredibly difficult time in my life a little more bearable, and I will never have the words to express my gratitude for your friendship.

I have many more thank you's to give, but this is a lovely start. So, that was a lot! And instead of blubbing for the entire post, let's make a card. 

The Project

  1. Stamping and Coloring: Start by stamping the Trumpet Flowers on alcohol-friendly paper with alcohol-friendly ink. Color in those flowers with Y02, R22, R24, R27, and leaves in YG01, YG03, YG05, G28. I had to add a few more layers of Y02 to make the color pop. I like to leave my colored images to sit until the ink is dry before die cutting.

  2. Sentiment Preparation: White heat emboss the "Thank you" and "Love" on black cardstock and die cut both sentiments.

  3. Die Cutting: Using any white card you have, die cut the pinking shear A2 die and set aside.

  4. Assembling the Card: Adhere your Happy Gingham A2 card front (black and white gingham) to an A1 card base, and then glue down the white pinking shear die cut.

  5. Adding Dimension: Use the white foam rectangles to pop up your large floral corner piece, as well as the "Thank you" sentiment. Set aside.

    TOP TIP: Adding a few small gems to a card with white space gives an added element of interest and helps balance the composition of the design.

  6. Final Assembly: Before you take the backing off the foam tape, take the other single trumpet flowers and place them at the bottom of the design and glue. Now add the large floral corner piece at the top right.

  7. Finishing Touches: Remove the backing from the foam tape and adhere the "Thank you." Next, glue down "Love," and add a few gems from the Starry Night mix to finish off the project.

I'm still finding it extremely difficult to just relax and find my groove again with papercrafting, but using my coloring mediums this past weekend to not make anything, but practice, has really helped me to find the joy again.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog and read about the project I made. I appreciate you all so much and hope to see you soon!

My previous cardmaking tutorial can be found here: Creating Your Own Shaped Cards

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Happy Crafting, 

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