July's Guest Designer - Latisha Yoast

We are thrilled to introduce our July Guest Designer - Latisha Yoast. An often-published concept artist, Latisha's designs are clean, colorful and fun. Here she is in her own words:
As a native Californian, I spent my formative years in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. This is where I developed my love for fresh ingredients, wine, finding the beauty in the mundane and my granola hippy side, like wearing salt water sandals and Birkenstocks. 
The first time I met my husband, we were 9 or 10 years old. We were playing against each other in Little League. I was one of 2 or 3 girls who played with the boys. If you want to find a husband, playing little league will leave a lasting impression, especially if you make a play that gets them out. Remember that in your next life lol. Since some of my best friends were boys and I had a brother, I didn't have the catty gene to compete against other girls/women. Now as an adult, there is always room in my circle or at my table, we all can fit and thrive together. 
Since 1999, my husband Jess has served in the US Navy. Because of his profession, and traversing this amazing country, we have been able to live in some incredible places. Such as, Charleston, SC, Saratoga Springs, NY, San Diego, CA, Groton, CT, Pensacola, FL and now Orange Park, FL. That also means I have friends all over the US. 
The one constant in my adult life has been the ability to have a hobby/job that allows me to be creative and be in this industry. I have worked for paper companies, magazines, tool manufacturers, and stamp companies. There isn't a hobby craft that doesn't intrigue me. My main squeeze will forever be stamping. There is just something magical about creating with stamps and ink.
Now that both of my children are in college, my pets are more than happy to take all of my attention. Skipper our 9 year old miniature schnauzer who still has more energy that should be legal, and our two silver tabby cats Zelda and Peach who are 8 months old. Their mother is a stray cat who has squatters rights to our back porch, we call her Moochie, just had another litter of kittens. So those 4 kittens we are fostering as well. If you are not good at math, let me catch you up, we currently are feeding 8 animals. 8 ANIMALS. That is 5 too many lol. 
Pandemic life is weird. There were some days where I would get out of pajamas, take a shower, to only get back into pajamas. Can anyone else relate to that? I have tried new food recipes, drink recipes and had more charcuterie boards than a cardiologist would like to see. But y'all, cured meats will get you through a pandemic. 3 meat food groups that you may consider stocking up on are salami, bacon and brisket. I just saved your life, so you're welcome. 
In all seriousness, I am excited to be guest designing this month. If I had to describe my card making style in one word, it would be balanced. I love a well balanced card.
Here are her beautiful projects, and you will see more in August!
First up, the layering Most Wonderful Time of the Year stamp set, done in a charming rainbow! We love how she created dimension by popping up two of the trees, and the glittery detail.
Next - she took the versatile, endlessly repeating Wrapped Candy stamp set and gave it a Halloween twist with her coloring - making a shaker card opening with our sequin mix - Black Magic
Finally, the Brocade Stencil and Ho Ho Ho are the perfect pair in purple!
Thanks for stopping by today!
You can see more of Latisha's beautiful work on her Instagram page

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  • Stephanie Clapper on

    First, I love Latisha’s work. I’m an old Papercrafts fan and remember how her work stood out for me. Not sure about that grammar. But secondly, if you haven’t published a book Latisha, I think you should! Between your fun and upbeat sense of humor and amazing art work, I think crafters of all kinds, would be totally ‘drawn’ in. For that matter, anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Thank you Picket Fence! 😎 (from a fellow Floridian, south of Orange Pk.)

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