Fireburst Stencil in action with Erica

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Hey guys! 

It's Erica, aka The Stencil Addict, back on the blog today! Today it's all about the Fireburst Stencil

This first card you might have seen already, but just in case you haven't, I have included step-by-step instructions here:

Step 1: Make COLOURFUL background. I used Copics, and simply swiped them back and forth on the card stock to create this vivid rainbow. The markers in the photo are the exact ones, in order.

Step 2: Spray your stencil with Pixie Spray and let it cure for a few minutes. Place over background where you want to create the pattern. Protect your project by covering the edge with Washi tape or something similar. I have used PostIt Tape here. 

Step 3: Pick out your Paper Glaze choices. I used Golden Rose and Black Pansy for this one. Work fast and apply the glaze. Thin if you want just shimmer and a little texture. Add lots if you want more texture. My base layer was Black Pansy.

Step 4: For extra pizzazz, add a thin layer of another colour on top. I used Golden Rose here to add some gold shimmer.

Step 5: Stamp sentiment on it and hey, presto! Done! For this card I used one from the After The Storm stamp set and stamped it up in Black Hybrid Ink with the help of a MISTI. 

On the next card I ink blended some fiery colours first, using Atelier Inks from Ink On 3 in Bee Sting Yellow, Marigold Orange and Marilyn Red, using Life Changing Blender Brushes. 

Leaving the stencil in place, I also added some Black Pansy and Golden Rose Paper Glaze around the edges. The middle I left clear so I could stamp up a sentiment. 

Because it's so fiery I thought the sassy 'My hobbies includes having no time for bullshit' was perfect. It's one of two in the Do Not Take Any Shit set

The final card is done with only Paper Glaze and the stencil flipped 45 degrees. 

Fireburst stencil

It's so dramatic and elegant against the white background! I did make a bit of a mess at the top right corner, but never mind. 

Fireburst Stencil

To finish off the card I heat embossed 'happy birthday' from Fancy Sentiments, in gold on vellum. This strip I wrapped around the background and then adhered it to a card base. 

Fireburst Stencil

Well, that's it from me for today! I hope you found some inspiration here with me, and will try some of these techniques for yourself. 

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica 

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