Fancy Kaleidoscope Stencil Cards with Erica

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Hi everyone! It's Erica back on the PFS blog.

Today I have LOTS of cards, using the brand new Fancy Kaleidoscope stencil from Picket Fence Studios's June release, to share with you. I do love a good stencil, and it's possibly I went a tad overboard here but it just took off. I did ink blending, water colouring, ink smooshing and all sorts went on. Let's get to it, shall we?

First of I sprayed the Fancy Kaleidoscope stencil with Pixie Spray and stuck it down on a big square of water colour paper. Then I grabbed my palette with Ink On 3 re-inkers in them. There are six wells, one each for Bee Sting Yellow, Marigold Orange, Marilyn Red, My Jam Purple, Peacock Blue and Goddess Green. All of these are already mixed with Liquid Pixie Dust, this creates a shimmery water colour, which is fabulous. You can see this in action in the video I have up on my YouTube channel too. 

While I was cleaning up after the colouring, I thought, why not try another few things? My first attempt was adding more colour to the stencil and dabbing water colour card stock on top. This turned out fab but there was still colour left on it so I dabbed another piece on it, and this one turned out soft and pretty too. There was STILL colour left so I kept going! I ended up with four pieces in total, as well as a smaller one. I love that from the same stencil you can get so many different looks!

Because I'm obsessed with ink blending as well, of course I had to do some of that too. Because why not, right?? I used a different Life Changing Blender Brush for each one of the Atelier Inks I used: Bee Sting Yellow, Goddess Green, Peacock Blue, Marilyn Red and Marigold Orange. It's so effortless to do ink blending with the Life Changing Blender Brushes. I LOVE them. 

With a ton of backgrounds done it was time to turn them into cards! With loads of fun, sassy and girl boss sentiments available from Picket Fence it was a breeze. The ink blended piece was quickly finished off with a sentiment from After The Storm stamped up with Black Hybrid Ink, which also has been heat embossed with some sparkles on top.

The next two are each one half of the big piece from the beginning. One I adhered to a piece of black card stock, only slightly bigger than the background piece, to frame it. Also to coordinate with the Best word die, that's also partly cut out of black card stock.

Fancy Kaleidoscope Stencil

The second of the two was adhered directly to a white card base. Both cards have sentiment from BFF Girl Gang and stamped up in Black Hybrid ink.

One final card was done on a background piece done with the Atelier re-inkers as water colours. Here I used the stencil and Paper Glaze in Snowdrop White. The sentiment is from Charles The Chameleon.

Fancy Kaleidoscope Stencil

Phew, well, that's it from me for today. I hope you found some inspiration here and will try some of these techniques for yourself and have some fun! 

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

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