PRESALE: April 2024 OLO Marker Release
PRESALE: April 2024 OLO Marker Release
128 Collection of Half OLO Markers plus 64 Connector Rings - Picket Fence Studios
Picket Fence Studios

PRESALE: April 2024 OLO Marker Release

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PRESALE: This is for 32 OLO brush nib half-markers with 16 Connector Rings (all new colors - see color chart below). Shipping ETA from Japan is late June - August.

Bundle must be ordered separately from all other products.

Shipping date is an estimation provided by OLO Markers. PFS is not responsible nor will a refund be provided due to delayed shipping dates. This bundle will arrive at the PFS warehouse to be packaged and sent to you. This set of markers does not include a box of any kind. The markers will have to be separated, placed in a plain bag and then placed into another bag/box for shipment along with 16 Connector Rings. OLO Marker has chosen not to box this collection ready for direct shipment at this time.

Colors included in the Collection: 
R2.1, R2.4, RV1.1, RV1.3, RV1.5, RV1.7,  BV1.1, BV1.2, BV1.4, BV1.7, B0.1, BG2.5, G0.6, G1.5, G5.1, G5.3, YG1.2, YG1.4, YG1.6, YG8.1, YO2.0, O1.2, O1.3, O4.0, O4.1, O4.3, O4.6, OR1.0, OR1.2, OR1.6, OR2.1, and OR4.0

Half-markers: One OLO half-marker has 2ml of ink, more than a standard alcohol marker. Utilize an OLO Connector Ring with any two half-markers for a double-ended marker with over 4ml of ink! Combine half-markers to create unique double-ended markers that feature your choice of colors and nibs.

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