Second Presale: 32 OLO Marker Set - April 2024
Second Presale: 32 OLO Marker Set - April 2024
128 Collection of Half OLO Markers plus 64 Connector Rings - Picket Fence Studios
Picket Fence Studios

Second Presale: 32 OLO Marker Set - April 2024

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This has now changed back to a presale due to OLO running out of stock (great news!). If you preorder this item as of TODAY, June 6th, it will ship around July 10th or even later. We have a guarantee that we will receive these sets BUT we can not provide an exact date other than after July 10th or later for our shipment to arrive at PFS warehouse.

You can choose to order other items with this presale order but all items will be held until the presale OLO sets have arrived after July 10, 2024. You will only receive one package when the OLO sets arrive. If you need additional items before the presale date, please place a second order. 

This is for 32 OLO brush nib half-markers with 16 Connector Rings (all new colors - see color chart below)

Half-markers: One OLO half-marker has 2ml of ink, more than a standard alcohol marker. Utilize an OLO Connector Ring with any two half-markers for a double-ended marker with over 4ml of ink! Combine half-markers to create unique double-ended markers that feature your choice of colors and nibs.

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