Paper Pouncer Details

What is a Paper Pouncer
Paper Pouncers are a tool for direct ink application on intricate die cuts, stencils, and more. 

How do you use them?

Quick and easy way to apply water based ink, watercolors, & embossing ink. You pounce the ink directly onto your surface, rather than blend. The high-quality sponge will not tear or snag delicate die cuts or stencils. For targeted control, hold where the handle meets the sponge.  

Are they easy to use?

Yes! The Paper Pouncers are ergonomic in design for easy application. This is ideal for anyone with hand, wrist, or elbow issues, the pouncing motion is a gentle action.

Is this taking the place of blending brushes?

No. This is a high-quality sponge and ink applicator, not a blending tool.



Want to see how the new Paper Pouncers work? Join  Nicole Petersen on March 14th as she goes through all the new products.







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